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BYOBW 2007 Report

“Stella, these are the modern day gladiators.”

She didn’t even ask what gladiators meant. I think she was too stunned at the site of several thousand people lined along Lombard Street watching the throng of grown men and women ride Big Wheels and other assorted childrens toys down the ‘crookedest street in the world’.

We went last year, which was great fun, but this year was a spectacle. I wasn’t really surprised that it took 30 minutes to find parking, because it’s always a hassle in that part of the city. I didn’t expect the number of people who turned out. My guess is that the turnout had some of the organizers sweating it a bit too. (Just a guess, but with folks hanging in those funky trees and sitting in the ivy on the walls, my guess is the neighbors would be uppity.)

We got in good an close on the last heat. I wanted to go see the awards ‘ceremony’ but Stella was a bit too freaked out by the amount of people. If you know her, then you know that would take a LOT of people. We walked up Lombard for a while, and then had to dodge out of the way of cars driven by anxious tourists who had been waiting an hour or more to drive down the famous street.

Check out my flickr set of BWOBW2007 photos here.

Lots more photos of the event on Flickr, tagged byob2007

Oh yeah… the Easter bunny came this year too!

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