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Massive 3D Street Art

via psfk.


Meatwater, now in 12 delicious flavors! Beef Jerky Beef Stroganof Cheese Burger Chicken Teriyaki Dirty Hot Dog Fish’n Chips Hungarian Gulash Italian Sausage Peking Duck Tandoori Chicken Texas BBQ Wiener Schnitzel

coffee cuff

part braclet, part coffee cup sleeve, all genius: Linkage: contexture design workshop via

read your emails, but don’t forget to breathe

Do you have “Email Apnea*”? I think I might. Or maybe I just have work apnea. *Email apnea – a temporary absence or suspension of breathing, or shallow breathing, while doing email (Linda Stone, February 2008).

Frozen Grand Central

Improv Everywhere is at it again : Frozen Grand Central.


Who knew? There are anonymous rogue knitters on the loose! and @flickr

Hieronymus Bosch figurines

Looking for that perfect christmas gift? Look no further than these 3d figures pulled from the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. It would be really cool if these were Christmas ornaments. On second thought, that might freak out the little ones a bit… (via 7deadlysinners)

download wine from the internet

Direct from the source! Is there anything the internet can’t do?: USBWINE : téléchargez votre vin en direct des domaines

Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark’s clock

I love Paris. (via waxy.) Photo by mauricesvay.

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