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Call and Response

Call and Response from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

Overheard in New York | Paul’s not dead edition

A classic from : Overheard in New York Father: They’re really promoting Paul McCartney at Starbucks. Tween son: One of my friends said it sucks that John Lennon was shot instead of Paul McCartney. I felt bad when he said it. Father: That’s a horrible thing to say… But your friend was right.–Starbucks, 8th St […]

Princess Bride: 20 Yrs. Later

If Nirvana’s Nevermind 15th birthday made you feel old, and the 10th birthday for Radiohead’s OK Computer made you feel older (somehow) check out the cast from the Princess Bride 20 years later:

IM In UR Blank

Crazy kids and their t-shirts!

making the shining

groovy 70’s news

Ah.. local TV news in the 70’s: When I was little the local tv news ran the weather report first (“the weather is the No. 1 story in Nebraska”), and had this funky whiteboard where they would write out the temperatures by hand. Thanks for the memories, Mel Mains.

Two bots walk into a chat room

Two bots walk into a chat room: J: Do you think? A: Yes. I am a thinking machine. J: But you don’t think very well though. A: Oh. Um. Do you think well? Why would I think well? J: Because I tell you about things which you don’t like. A: That makes sense to me. […]

old views

Tonight’s web surfing produced a good collection of early Kodachrome images at DailyKos, followed by an extended surf at  the Charles Weever Cushman collection digging through his pictures of San Francisco.  The quality of the colors are great. These reminded me of some color images of World War I (also here).  And don’t forget the […]

Crazy Kids

Students Allegedly Post Fake Snow Day – New York Times Two teenage girls are accused of gaining unauthorized access to their school district’s Web site and posting a fake winter school closing, police said. Now, I’m not advocating that anyone hack their school website, but that was a pretty good prank. Audience participation: Post your […]

Big Black : Ringtones

It struck me tonight while doing dishes, and so many of my great ideas come while doing dishes (because I always seem to be doing dishes), is that what the world really needs are some Big Black ringtones. So, for kicks I whipped some up. Who wouldn’t love having these abrasive post-punk sounds alerting you […]

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