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Blind camera

Make: Online : Blind camera takes somebody else’s photos. Crazy idea, but really cool.  Basically, there are no optical parts to this camera.  It records the time, and searches the web for photos taken by someone else at the same time.

Out of Print Clothing

I am surprised no one did this earlier.   (Via Bullshit)

reboot ad infinitum

Stumbled across I’m not here to make frenemies via merlinmann.  I read several posts, and I subscribed to the feed. And it highlighted something which still amazes me with the combination of personal publishing (+ Google’s insatiable appetite to index) :   Good, new things will see the light (if you are looking), and cool […]

war is over

English Originally uploaded by Yoko Ono official

minimalistic bike prototype

cool. via

radio police automaton

robocop1924_02.jpg (JPEG Image, 1161×1645 pixels).

The Minutemen – The Tour – (Live – March 1, 1985)

I remember asking my parents if I could go see the minutemen when they played lawrence in 84/85.  Got shut down.  As a parent, I understand the decision, but… Damn. YouTube – The Minutemen – The Tour – (Live – March 1, 1985).

Fear Heads

Fear Heads on Flickr

Lady Day

File:Billie Holiday Lady Day.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

1955 Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks cereal


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